Month: August 2017


You know how they say that a guy can sense another guy’s intentions on a girl?

Well women can also sense another woman’s intentions on a guy even if she doesn’t realize it yet.

Even with just one comment on his post, it can be known.

Hence, the alertness which inspires immediate call for action.

If there are body language experts, there are also social media posts and comments experts.

Don’t mess with one.


I’ve let go of the need to influence others of my spirituality.

The need to be understood, only for the people I care about.

The need to achieve other people’s expectations of me, only when it benefits work quality.

The need for a good listener’s ear, I almost let that go, too.

Thankfully, I didn’t.

Thank goodness for a caring guy.



What is it about the news of illness that saps the energy out of one’s life?

Is it financial worries?

Is it not being able to eat all your favorite treats?

Leaving loved ones behind?

Or being a burden to them first?

I’ve always frowned upon having children for the reason of having someone to take care of you in the future, but one way or another, family is part of both life and death.

As the old people say, at least you’ll have someone to push you off the cliff when the time comes.


I like oats.

I’m starting to like the artificially-flavored ones, again.

There was a time I ate everything.

I guess that time won’t last.

I can eat cooked whole rolled oats as is so it’s fine.

I’ve had my share of artificially-flavored ones.

No regrets.