Month: May 2017


Social media can be overwhelming.

Different types of people, acquaintances, relatives, all vying for attention in one endless roll of feed.

Different types of sh*t luring you into commenting your own sh*t.

Until your comment doesn’t receive any reply.

Ah, my kind, kind heart.

Thank Zuckerberg for the “unfollow” button.

No evidence of snobbery.

Instant peace of mind.

More time for your own sh*t.


Just Another Pile of Blog Sh*t

Once a night owl, always a night owl.

Here I am, tapping away, arranging thoughts that seem to overflow when it’s dark and quiet, turning them to words.

I’d like this blog to be a diary.

A place where I can share myself to the world in the hopes of… of… I don’t know. To discover more ways of procrastination? Finding like-minded people? Maybe just an extra life trash can?

There’s just too much thoughts that one can handle.

I won’t do lists (maybe).

I won’t do meaningful articles (gads, the amount of research).

Just thoughts.