Month: June 2017


Checked out insomnia.

I’m not sure if what I have is insomnia.

It’s not that I have difficulties sleeping.

If I feel tired enough or the surroundings are peaceful enough, when I do hit that bed, I sleep like a log.

It’s more like I don’t want to sleep.

Like I’m in a trance and just can’t get my body to bed.

Like I still have to do something.

Mind overdrive?

So I made this post.



I’m scared to live all by myself in one house.

I think I’ll forever be alert.

I still couldn’t shake off my childhood monsters lurking in the shadows.

Supernatural stuff.

And then there’s real monster people.

And housing is still too expensive. 

But if ever, one housemate is all I need.

In a small home.

With a nice kitchen.

And a little garden.

Topic Changer

Too much death and life stuff.

Let me just say that I love the cranberry fruit tea from this local tea shop.

Two shots cranberry syrup + light-pressed green tea + boba and green tea jelly.


No added sweetener.


I can go on about life, too.


I don’t want to die in a hospital.

I want to die like that character I saw in a movie, where she just sat in a rocking chair facing a lake and waited.

I don’t want any tubes or drugs to keep me alive.

I want to die with nature surrounding me.

Then I want my loved ones to have a party for me.

To celebrate and reminisce my life with them.