I don’t want to die in a hospital.

I want to die like that character I saw in a movie, where she just sat in a rocking chair facing a lake and waited.

I don’t want any tubes or drugs to keep me alive.

I want to die with nature surrounding me.

Then I want my loved ones to have a party for me.

To celebrate and reminisce my life with them.


Life and Death

Saw this post on my fb newsfeed that says something like the stars and planets will continue even if one kills herself, so why not?

It disturbed others.

But some thought about it.

Some opened up.

Maybe lives were saved that day.

Maybe some chose to find peace outside life.

Sometimes it’s hard to respect other people’s choices.

It hurts us to see our loved ones burst.

But sometimes we just have to look beyond our personal pain and think about the other person.


Since there is no assurance in a romantic relationship, might as well have two plans.

One, of a future with my Sergeant.

Two, of a future with just myself.

Since I’m not a multitasker, this will be a challenge.


We believe what we believe in because we are comfortable about it.

It may or may not be the truth, but who cares?

No one wants to believe in a purposeless existence.

We all think we’re special.