Since there is no assurance in a romantic relationship, might as well have two plans.

One, of a future with my Sergeant.

Two, of a future with just myself.

Since I’m not a multitasker, this will be a challenge.



We believe what we believe in because we are comfortable about it.

It may or may not be the truth, but who cares?

No one wants to believe in a purposeless existence.

We all think we’re special.


Breakfast: whole rolled oats, egg.

Snack: mixed fruits and nuts.

Lunch: fish steamed with ginger or roasted chicken, sweet potato leaves, tomatoes and onions, rice 

Snack: boiled sweet potato

Dinner: wheat bread with kesong puti and tomatoes.

Drinks: green tea, water.

Three Decades and Counting

I wanted to be deep in this post, ask about life and its purpose, what I realized in my thirty years of existence, but…

I just really want some cold milk tea with chunks of green tea jelly and black tapioca pearls.

A blueberry cream cheese waffle.

Creamy carbonara.

And some cheese cake ice cream.

And a buko pie.

Life is only one thing – amazing.