Everything has sugar.

It’s the type you eat that matters.

And that you use it.

So I’m storing them inside my body right now to use for the zombie apocalypse.



People who are lazy, people who have no motivation or dreams, people who are satisfied with what they have, maybe they are the ones who are on the verge of disillusionment in life.

The ones who are not as obsessed with material things.

The ones who are okay with being pulled out of the ground.


When on earth, do what humans do.

When not…


The way my illness shows on my body is adding unnecessary stress in my life.

All I wanted was to degrade naturally.

But I guess this is natural.


I realized that my past self was unconsciously turned off with a job that I can’t make perfect.

It ruined my earlier career.

Made me overthink and stress out more.

Took jobs too seriously.

But not anymore.

I will learn to chill, keep the perfectionist beast at bay.

I just want to live life, be alive.